Mir centric Farlanghnism

The following text is from the book “Mir Centric Farlanghnism” Authored by Jules Malibar with technical editing by Harrow Leagueleaper.


While many erudite scholars call Farlanghn a lesser deity, I have a feeling they use the term out of spite. A god that takes the form of an old man who journeys with a child’s curiosity and walks without the aid of a cane must really stick in the craw of some of these ancient, ailing, leather-bound wretches. I, for one, cannot condone the use of the term when referencing a super-human immortal god; but, blessedly, it’s not up to me to make the distinction. Suffice it to say that Farlanghn is one of the most well-known and loved gods in many other parts of our world, and the fact that he is a ‘lesser’ god does not seem to stop the millions daily prayers that are whispered in his name.


Mir centric Farlanghnism

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