The Spirebite clan is called “The Teeth of Hammercrag”, they are the fierce warriors who have dedicated themselves to the steadfast defense of their city for generations. Grettir Shieldbiter was their greatest warrior, he led his clan to victory over the raiding forces of the giant Sidskeggi during the rule of the 12th King. Grettir wielded the sword Harsh-Heart, which was crafted by the forge-master Vidvick Blackback and was gifted to Grettir by Spes Swimwolf of the Firstwall clan. Grettir joined his ancestors at The Battle of Five Pebbles during the Kingless Age and was entombed with his sword with great honor.

“Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself eke soon wilt die; but fair fame will fade never, I ween, for him who wins it.”

—Spirebite proverb.

Recently, a blood-feud has erupted between the Spirebite and Firstwall clans. During the rule of the 19th King, Tol Bramstone declared before the Dwarven Council that the sword Harsh-Heart rightfully belonged in the Firstwall armory, stating that Grettir Shieldbiter pledged his sword back to Spes Swimwolf with his dying words. Tol’s argument was considered by the Council, for it is not uncommon for a warrior to return a gifted weapon as a sign of clan allegiance, but ultimately decided that Harsh-Heart would stay interred with Grettir. The Firstwall clan considered this decision a great insult to their honor.


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