Completely devoted to furthering the cause of the Church of Torag, Obstant will stop at nothing to spread its word.


Clock work power armor.
Mechanized two handed war hammer.
A symbol of Torag he wears on his forehead.
Under his armor he wears a hair suit that has become fused to his own hair and can no longer be removed.


Obstant is a half-orc, he was born of a human woman in a small village outside of Anduin after it was raided and burned by Orcs. His parents were disgusted with him and abandoned him in the streets of the city where he predictably fell in with a murderous crew of trouble makers in the slums he was young, but strong and well suited to a life of thuggery. He wasn’t in the city for very long before a servant of the Church of Torag found him and ended his life outside of the church.
From then on he was trained for the profession of Obstant, one who seeks out young people in need of the churches protection and takes them from their situations and brings them to the church. As time passed he became a reaper of the underworld, a grim, mechanical child stealer who would come in the night and take children from their parents.

As he rose amongst the ranks of the Church, he became more and more involved in the artificers guild. The Church was very pleased with the work that Obstant did and to protect their investment they gave him his suit of clockwork plate mail and the mechanical hammer.

After leaving Anduin he has been working to spread belief in Torag and has begun collecting funds and followers for a temple in the Dwarven city of XXXXX.


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