Halfling Summoner from Plane X


Dark haired halfling (small size) female summoner. 34 years, 34" tall, 29lbs (East Indian styles) Has a pair of black dragon wings protruding from back. Chaotic neutral alignment, worships the god of Magic Nethys. Comes from plane X, populated by halfling summoners who battle each other with summoned monsters/eidolons for sport/prestige. Calypso relishes her control over her summoned creatures and sometimes transfers that mentality to others, seeing people as tools to be used. She recently has been given the title of “Skylord of the North”, she also has been researching a “sped-up pregnancy” ritual in order to give birth to an heir for her newly acquired lands, she hopes to mate with the angel Zethus, but will settle for a demon or devil if necessary. Calypso usually levitates or flys, making up for her short stature. She can see invisibility permanently. She teleports and summons T-rexs regularly.

masterwork adamantine dagger
ring of sustenance
bag of holding
boots of levitation
wand of cure light wounds
rod of metamagic extend spell
headband of alluring charisma
masterwork studded armor w/ dr/2
cloak of resistance

Gar is Calypso’s summoned eidolon, she is Large humanoid size (torso w/ 2 legs). When summoned she evolves 6 arms, 4 of those having large magical/silver/holy/rending claws (this is her main attack), the remaining pair of arms wield the skylord dragonsteel greatsword named “Claw Law”. Gar is immune to fire and can breath a cone of acid. I imagine her in the likeness of the goddess Kali, with the feminine demon face, almost nude, death goddess/machine of death, maybe her skin is a hardened metallic scaled/plated/studded (from fire immunity and nat. armor boost), statue-like.
Gar and Calypso are closely bonded and may share some physical resemblance.
Belt of strength
bracers of armor
scarab of golem bane talisman
Claw Law dragonsteel masterwork greatsword

other notes: maybe a acid mist around Gar’s mouth, i have a weird vision of Gar with barely a head, just a neck bulge with the face and large wicked mouth going down into the torso between the breasts, still has long dark hair… Calypso has glowing eyes. Both have the same glowing Rune on forehead.
Claw Law is a longish sword forked at the end with the tips curving backward.



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