Azalia Dayborn

Dhampir Spellsword, holy warrior, and vampire hunter


Azalia has dark gray hair and green eyes. She has a muscular build, and an intimidating intelligence. Her skin is extremely pale. She stands 5’5" tall, and weighs bout 180 lbs., mostly muscle. She is neutral good aligned, worshipping the goddess Sarenrae, who oversaw her sanctified birth.

She wears a high collared cloak over a disturbing and ornate suit of wilted leaf armor, which she took from the powerful vampire Drexel. She fights with a combination of spell- and blade-craft, wielding a large, obsidian black hand-and-a-half bastard sword, which seems to have some powers (and possibly an agenda) of its own. She has focussed primarily on combat and survival spells, aiming for brutal efficiency in dealing with foes, and self-sufficiency outside of that.

As a dhampir, she can only be healed by negative energy, and is harmed by positive energy. She is reasonably diplomatic, and charismatic, as she is used to receiving negative attention from the small-minded and superstitious.


Azalia is one of the rarest of dhampirs: a dayborn. She is still the cursed product of a male vampire raping her human mother, but she was born under the consecrated light of a priest of Saranrae, preventing some of the more distrubing of the dhampir traits from taking form, and allowing her to move more freely in the daytime.

She tends to be somewhat of a loner, often shunning the company of others and striving for complete self-sufficiency. She will accept aid as necessary to complete her goals, however, and can get along well with others when it benefits her. She has sworn herself to uphold Sarenrae’s belief in negotiating with even diametrically opposed beings, trying to convert them, but if that fails, to be skilled enough in combat to quickly dispatch any unrepentant evildoers. The only exception is vampires, who she will slay on sight.

She recently met up with Obstant and the rest of the party after a series of strange events. Hunting the ancient vampire lord Heinrich, she travelled to the plane of Abaddon to search through his bone palace located there. Not finding him, she dispatched many of his spawn. She did, however, encounter Delphi Thickstride and a strange armless man (possibly Neving?), who seemed to be searching for Farlanghn. The man teleported Azalia to Heaven, where she was tasked by Nelly with delivering a message to Obstant, on Mir. Accepting this task, Azalia teleported & travelled to Fort Sovereign, in the company of The Envoy, a strange alien being from another dimension, whom Azalia had met in heaven. They both agreed to assist Obstant and his companions in their current tasks, in trade for future assistance with their own.

Azalia Dayborn

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