Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal 6

Anduin, Dragonmouth, and Fort Sovereign

Obstant, Gregory, Templar and myself best a series of golems at the tower, while Calypso and Grotto rescue the golem’s maker, McHenry. Tos, Lialda, McHenry and Calypso teleport back to Anduin while we finish clearing the tower. There is a perverted creation of the Titans as well as the golems, one of the Demodans. We destroy all unfinished golems, as well as the apparatus and manuals needed to create them.

We head back to Anduin and rendevouz with the others. Apparently Calypso’s teleport misfired, almost sending her to a watery grave, but she is back now. Obstant gets a promotion, to the rank of Vindicator, and we forward all of McHenry’s research to Heaven via an agent of Torag who officiated the ceremony. We all request some monetary recompense for our troubles. Fighting Heaven’s war is not cheap after all. We receive significant funds, through Gregory is upset that we were not able to sell the golem manuals, which he says would have been woth far more. However, we all agreed they were too dangerous to leave intact.

Obstant and Tos question McHenry before turning him over to the Torag church authorities. We set out to find the Golem Control Rod, aka the King’s Rod, which has been acquired by a dragon, Rarevig, whose hoard lies in Dragonmouth to the north. After Obstant gets a reference at the nearby Fort Sovereign, we teleport there, and meet the gold dragon Cestis, who has taken human form and has command of the fort. She confirms herself as an ally against the Rashidaran.

She gives us some tea and advice on our mission, and we attract the aid of some griffon knights for transport. Tos competes in a bard-off with an incredibly talented bard, Brind, (another dragon?) and we sing old fighting songs all night. We set out in the morning, hoping that we can achieve Dragonmouth easily and gain the rod without attracting the attention of Rarevig, or his master, Content Not Found: chromax, who Cestis has warned us against. Lialda stays behind, to practice with Brind.

Aboard griffins, we blast through the outer defenses of the Chromatic dragons, with the aid of a powerful tornado that Grotto conjures. We land near the four volcanoes that mark Rarevig’s domain, and continue on foot, while the griffins turn to harry our pursuers. We destroy some elementals, and after a brutal combat, slay Rarevig, largely through Gregory’s heroics and Calypso’s surprisingly powerful eidolon, Gar. Hogosha and I are disappointed by our performance, not having closed with the dragon successfully, but we are not idle long.

We are then assaulted by a number of dragonborn aboard firedrakes, but we easily fight them back, and I excavate a tunnel under Rarevig’s throne. We descend, and make our way to a treasure chamber. Inside, we confront a number of daemons from the plane of Hell, who abscond with the rod before we can slay them all. Obstant’s fervor for combating evil prevented us from negotiating with them, I don’t entirely disapprove, and I belive Hogosha enjoys his impetuousness.

Calypso scouts ahead through a teleportation circle that they left behind, while the rest of us return to the Fort to debrief with Cestis and plan our next move. Calypso rejoins us and reports that she interrupted a meeting of Rashadaran and dragonborn, and set multiple T-Rex’s upon them before taking flight.

We convince Cestis to aid us in assaulting Cromax’s lair, and summon a heavenly host, lead by the Planetar Angel whose coronation we witnessed, to aid us. We also hire a number of adventurers through the Fighter’s Guild to help defend Fort Sovereign in our absence. We receive a message from some brave spies who inform us of a secret meeting involving Rashidaran druids, Cromax, and the sky dragon Gretweir, at Gretwier’s sky castle, a rare chance to catch Cromax outside of the defenses of his lair. Having prepared the fort as best we can for any counterattack, we depart tomorrow, and it is likely that many of us will not return….


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