Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal 3

Gog's Tower and Garunda

We raided the giants town, and slew all that we could find, except for one that Tos enchanted. We questioned this giant, and leanred the magic word to travel to Gog’s tower. We blasted across in a gust of wind, and ascended to the throne room, where we defeated Gog with the aid of a large dinosaur, summoned by Calypso. We continued upwards, and found a circle of mysterious druids casting some sort of spell on a prone and rotted titan. Grotto scattered the druids with a stonestorm, and they fled in birdform, except one who was consumed by the T-Rex.

We destroyed the titan, largely due to Obstant’s heavenly powers, and contacted Heaven to find out what to do with the slowly regenerating corpse. They sent us an angel of sorts to transport the corpse somewhere safe. We also found a strange symbol on the druids corpse.

We descended the tower, collecting some large gold discs and Gog’s circlet on the way. We found tracks leading away from the giant’s town, and Grotto scouted as an eagle. A column of the druids and a few remaining giants were a half day ahead of us. I suggested an attack, alongside Calypso, but no-one else would go along, so we headed for Glimspire instead. We rested for the night, and then teleported the rest of the way in two groups. Arriving, we found the city half-ruined from the moindflayer’s thrall’s assault. Also, the thralls all committed suicide en masee, as Obstant said the mindflayer commanded.

Obstant seems distraught by the state of this place, and by the news of the death of some of his comrades in Torag’s church here. I still feel we have more important business tracking down this strange druid deathcult, and destroying any other titans we can find, but it looks like we will linger here a while and spend some of our coin.


shohennessey Cyclopean

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