Night of the Open Eye

A Duergar Legend:

In ancient times, the Duergar used to be like the ordinary Dwarves. They lived in Thalbos, which was prized for it’s briliant inventors and relentless workers. There was an feeling one got when in Thalbos, as if the city itself were inspiring you towards greatness. The Thalbotians were atop some of the richest mountains in all of the Cresthearts, and mined with a passion. Through the years, this passion turned to a sort of zealotry; the miners turned away from Moradin and worshiped the ground that they were digging. Soon the miners only talked in whispers, and never to city-folk. When Clan Duergar stopped sending their minerals back to Thalbos, the council sent Deepwardens to investigate.

None who were there speak of the Night of the Open Eye, but we know that Thalbos sank into the mountain. Of the Dwarves who escaped Thalbos, most had gone insane and began murdering at random. Fires from deep within the Earth were released and continue to burn all around the city. While Clan Duergar remained in the Deep, the survivors of Thalbos, those that escaped the insanity, were altered in such a way that they were cast out from Dwarven Society and labeled as the Duergar.

That Which Sleeps Beneath had awoken….

Night of the Open Eye

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