The Shining Kingdom. The Heart of the Heavens. Mirindil is in many ways the center of everything that happens in the continent. The largest and most peaceful kingdom, it is often looked to for guidance by the other realms.

The Kingdom has always been ruled by the most noble Paladin of the age. The current Queen,Maya Steigmos , is a follower of the Tarim Church (but by no means is she their puppet). She has the love of the people, and keeps the kingdom a beacon of hope for the lost.

The practice of Arcane Magic is strictly forbidden anywhere in Mirindil’s borders. Even magical equipment can be confiscated and destroyed if it is deemed “dangerous”. The Tarim Paladins have a special Order devoted entirely to the extermination of the Arcane in all of it’s forms. The Book of the Tarim explains why this is so.

The City of Mirindil was built ages ago by a collaboration of Dwarves, Humans, Giants, and fey creatures of the wild. It was constructed at the base of the Crestheart Mountains, providing natural fortification. The construction techniques have been lost through time, though many researchers have spent lifetimes trying to replicate the materials found throughout the city. The stone seems to emit an almost organic warmth. Age and wear have scarcely been found on any wall in the city. One of the great marvels of the world.


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