Spending time in Dragonmouth, you have met a few individuals that stand out from the rest. Standing a little taller and more proud, they keep watch over the Keep, and over the other men and women.

When building fortifications, they had a wealth of knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of Dragons and their kin. While these individuals would talk on and on about their enemies, they wouldn’t say much of themselves.

Cestis, however, was willing to share a bit about these rare men and women. Colloquially they’re referred to as the Sky Lords, and date back to when Cestis herself allied with the races of men. They were some of the first humans on this sphere, and were paragons of their race. Over thousands of years, the mountains and the dragons hardened them, giving them instinctual features inherited from their ancestors. Today, they are true Lords and Ladies, passing down the land to their children, and trying to reclaim the land that has been lost. Fort Sovereign itself is actually ruled by one Lord Dranson, though he, like his ancestors, give total rulership to Cestis.

It is said that other races can do battle with a Dragon and their kin; only a Highborn can truly be a Dragonslayer.

Similar to a human, but taller and heartier. They all share the same amber eyes, and it is said that those allowed to get close enough can see a small fire circling the pupil. Their hair is dark, but Greys very quickly (around their early teens). Age does not show in their skin or on their faces as readily as in other races (their faces look weary even in youth), but is usually measured by the size of their beard. It’s often said that you shouldn’t trust a Highborn who shaves.

(I was experimenting with the race builder in the Advanced race book, and came up with this. It is available to any of you wanting to make a new class, though it may be more useful as a regional thing. Lord Dranson stayed behind to run the Fort’s defenses. About 1/500 or so warriors in the north can claim to be Highborn, and they all have the following features:)

Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium
Speed: 30
Ability Score: +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 CHR
Life in Dragonmouth is difficult, and only those with strong body and mind can survive. This hardened life has depreciated their sense of humor and social grace.

Defensive Training (Dragons): +4 dodge bonus to AC against Dragons.

Eternal Hope: +2 racial bonus vs fear and despair effects. Also, once per day on a natural roll of a 1 on a d20, may reroll and use the second roll.

Mountaineer: Immune to altitude sickness, and do not lose their DEX bonus to AC when making climb or acrobatics checks while traversing a mountain.

Sky Sentinel: +1 racial bonus on attack rolls, +2 dodge bonus to AC (stacks), and a +2 bonus on perception checks against flying creatures. In addition, enemies on higher ground gain no attack roll bonuses.

Wyrmscourged: +1 bonus on attack rolls, and a +2 dodge bonus to AC (stacks) and on saving throws against the extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities of dragons. In addition, they gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks to identify dragons and can make such checks untrained.

Weapon Familiarity: Highborn are always proficient with Greatswords and Greataxes. They are taught these weapons as soon as they had the strength to wield them, as it was these weapons that their ancestors forged and passed down through the generations. You can tell a Highborn’s status by the strength of their blade.


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