Fighter's Guild

The Fighter’s Guild can be found in most major cities throughout Mir. Jobs are posted with a reward, as well as Guild Points (which are determined by the local Guildmaster). Distinguished Guild members are often allowed where others, even nobility, cannot gain entrance.

Guild Rank Progression:
1. Initiate
2. Whelp (40GP) – Learn of more advanced jobs.
3. Journeyman (100GP) – Access to most mundane items
4. Brawler (200GP) – Access to more restricted areas. Prestige. Limited healing provided. Minor magical item allowance.
5. Bloodletter (350GP) – Access to major magical items. Can enlist help of lesser Guild members.
6. Hero (500GP) – Famous throughout the land. Specific jobs directed at you. Able to distribute Guild Points and Guild resources.
7. Champion (1,000GP) – Legendary exploits. Kings request audience with you. Guild artifacts are bestowed on you. Resurrection guaranteed.

“This darn Wveryn keeps eating my cattle. What ever am I going to do?”

If a man of good stature has legitimate problems, and the town guard can’t do a thing about it (either because it is out of their jurisdiction or out of their league), it’s always good to know there is someone to call.

The FG, at it’s core, is a business. It exists within most major cities, yet is governed by no kingdom. Think Aztechnology.


There is no one leader of the FG. Not even a council, really. Decisions are made by the Guildmasters at individual halls. If there is a decision that will impact multiple regions (such as deciding on a new Guildmaster), all the Guildmasters in the surrounding regions will vote on the matter. If there is a decision about Guild Policy, then it is brought to all the Guildmasters (this is very rare though, as there are policies set down ages ago when the Guild was first created. These rules have, for the most part, sufficed to this point).

Guildmasters (GMs) are varied in nature. Some are very administrative…such as a small business owner. They can be all about making profit, have an extensive academic knowledge of battle, or just honestly concerned about helping their community. Also common are the retired adventurers. Some may have retired due to total party wipe-out, or extensive injury (as can sometimes be noticed by the absence of limbs or sensory organs). Others are simply too old and have had their fill of adventure. Because it is often difficult to tell the nature of any GM, it is a good idea not to provoke them lest you find yourself with a blade through your chest.

GMs are given certain magical privileges within their particular Guild-Halls. Only they can finalize job postings. Only they have access to the magical supplies held within any Guild-Hall. GMs are the only ones who can scribe the guild points earned into the FG directory. If any GM is abusing his power, they can be voted out by other nearby GMs (though this seldom happens).

The Job

The FG takes most of the jobs that it is given, though it does have the authority to not post a job on any grounds that the GM sees fit. Here is an idea of a typical job posting:

1. The client comes to the GM with his problem.
2. The client decides at what level he wants this job posted.
-The higher level you want your job posted, the more expensive it is. Initiate and Whelp positions take just a small amount of gold to post, and therefore are the most common. For those who want to ensure success, and need the job done quickly by professionals, it pays to ask for the best. While an initiate may be able to clear out a nest of dire rats from a local bakery, chances are those same initiates would get eaten by the red dragon in the local bakery.
3. The client offers up any other rewards as incentive.
-Most FG members won’t take missions unless they are in some way compensated with real solid gold.
4. The GM decides on an appropriate number of Guild Points for the mission (the higher the level, the more Guild Points).
-This number can be altered after the mission is complete at the sole discretion of the GM.
5. Everything is OKed and posted on the board. Usually there will be some proof required to ensure the right people get the points.

Most jobs are locally posted. Occasionally there will be a kingdom-wide job posted at all Guild-Halls, and very very rarely there will be a mission posted to Guild Halls everywhere in the continent.

Beyond the job board, there is other work at the FG. There is always a need for Guards, both for the Guild-Halls and also for those organizations that are under the protection of the FG (such as a Church who gets protection from the FG in exchange for free healing and resurrection). The GM has the authority to hire anyone for any job.

Fighter's Guild

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