A kingdom centered around trade and commerce. Responsible for some of the most advanced pieces of technology ever created. One of the only kingdoms to trade directly with other continents. Variety of races blend together without prejudice.

The city of Anduin is a port town, with ships coming and going at all hours. Very neutral, and not very religious.

Recently the kingdoms of Anduin and Miridia went to war with one another. The cause of this war is unclear, as the locations on the borders of the two countries hold little value on their own. Men and women from all over the continent gathered to join in the conflict. After much bloodshed, the King of Anduin was assasinated, bringing the war to an end. Miridia gained a few territories, and pulled back most of their army.

Since the war ended so abruptly, many people are still flocking to Anduin in search of work in the war effort. Because of the huge population boom, food shortages and unemployment run rampant. Small towns are overrun with brigands and bandits with nothing to do but plunder the hard earned resources of the townsfolk.


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