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  • Herbs

    Listed are the natural herbs that the party knows of. Other research can reveal the existence of other plants with many more effects.
    Preparation DC indicates the difficulty in finding the plant (Survival skill, or Knowledge:Nature) as well as the …

  • Abaas

    Environment: any
    Frequency: Common
    Preperation: DC 10
    Time: 1 hour
    Cost: 1sp

    This herb, when applied to a wound, relieves pain and encourages healing.

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  • Agath

    Environment: near water
    Frequency: Common
    Preperation: DC 10
    Time: 1 hour
    Cost: 2g

    The mossy substance allows the user to breath air naturally in any environment (high altitude, torrid heat, etc) for 1d6 hours.

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  • Alanthia

    Environment: High Altitude
    Frequency: Rare
    Preperation: DC 25
    Time: 1 day
    Cost: 20g

    The leaves of this plant, when injested, help fight off disease and rid the body of toxins.
    +1d3 HP, make a new save vs. disease
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  • Alkanet

    Environment: Rocky
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Preperation: DC 15
    Time: 5 hours
    Cost: 5g

    When crushed, the root makes a good poison antidote.
    If within 1 round after poisoning, make new SAV vs. poison with +2 bonus. If …

  • Cinquefoil

    Environment: forest, plains
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Preperation: DC 18
    Time: 6 hours
    Cost: 10g

    Taking this herb causes the user to give off positive pheromones and a generally pleasant smell.
    +2 to any CHR based check for …

  • Dragoneye

    Environment: High Altitude
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Preperation: DC 16
    Time: 4 hours
    Cost: 10g

    When the leaves are brewed in tea, puts the willing user into a long recovering sleep. When unwilling, FORT sav DC 10 or fatigued.

  • Grarig

    Environment: Caves, Underground
    Frequency: Extremely Rare
    Preperation: DC 30
    Time: 2 days
    Cost: 80g

    This extremely rare flower grows only in the deepest of caves, under circumstances that aren't entirely understood. The most …