Tag: dead


  • Kevin "Don't call him Kev" Reynolds

    Kevin Reynolds ran the Mirindil Pass waystation with his wife of many years, supplying travelers with the equipment, rest, and shelter they needed to cross the pass. he was murdered in his sleep, along with his wife, by some ruffians who had been hired by …

  • Kothar

    [[Firstwall]] Cleric and member of the Dead Stones. Killed M. Russik over a misunderstanding, and was let go with the promise to do good and go back to the favor of Morradin. Something must have happened along the way, as he later lead an assualt on the …

  • Rarevig

    Rarevig si one of the chromatic dragons who reside in [[Dragonmouth | Dragonmouth]]. He was recently killed by agents of Heaven in search of the [[:king-s-rod]].