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From All Sides...

The Crestheart mountains have been thrown into disarray. The Firstwall Clan, now seemingly under the direct control of the parasitic worm, have taken key members of the Dwarven Council, as well as the King himself. The heroes from afar, having learned of this plot through the capture of a Dead Stone, found the location of the King. With this, Nomad Throrn whisked himself through space and arrived in Copperhead, in a dark room full of earth and bones. Immediately under mental attack, Nomad grabbed the King and psychoported back to the “safety” of the Darkdelve Clanhold.

The illusion of safety was banished with the bellows of the Dead Stones at the entrance to the Clanhold. Everyone besides the heroes was evacuated through secret tunnels that the Darkdelve had made for just such an occasion. The first blatant act of internal Dwarven violence had begun.

The City Guard defending against an Elvish invasion. Key Dwarven figures being brought to Copperhead and being infected by an alien mind. Waykeeper leaders on a trip to the Frost Giants. And an ever growing band approaching Thalbos. These are dark times…

The road home

The trek back is long and cold. Grok is both surprised and delighted to see you return. He invites you all in his cabin, and as you enter it seems as though the space inside has grown to accomodate your rather large party. Though you are all tired, Grok insists that you tell him every detail of the encounter. In the morning, Darcy, Diesa, Duvamil and Grok lead you up the mountain and send you on your way with enough provisions to last you to Glimspire. The gnomes’ spirits go up upon meeting another Gnome (Duvamil). The blankets and good food help too. The road to Glimspire is much clearer than you remember. As you near, a couple of old and rough dwarves approach. They identify themselves as Deepwardens. A message has been sent heralding your arrival. The Deepwardens give a nod in particular to M. Russik. Perhaps you were expecting a mighty welcome with trumpets and large crowds. You would be wrong. Entering Glimspire, you see business as normal. There are a few who see you and give you a congradulatory holler, but these only come from members of the Waykeeper Clan. You are led straight to the King, Grick Glimspire. This is indeed a rare honor. He thanks you on behalf of the entire Crestheart Mountain nation. He has heard of your encounter with the Frost Giants and is amazed at your strength and bravery. In addition to the reward offered by the Fighter’s Guild, he offers you a large treasure chest. Inside you find 24,000g in platinum pieces. As the conversation continues, some of you notice something a little disconcerting: all of the King’s aids are from the Firstwall Clan. Some of them give you suspicious stares. The King demands to hear the entire story, and brings in scribes so that it can be recorded in the City’s history.

Missing Missionary

The zeppelin floating above the monastery lowers a ladder down for the party to ascend. At the top you are greeted by a well dressed man named Midal. After he points out that you are not the party he hired, Sloat immediately shoots him with a sleep arrow, promptly dropping him to the deck.

Meanwhile, Ricky descends down the stairway and is noticed by the engineers. Between a dozen or so bluff cleverly laid lies between Ricky and Sloat, as well as a failed attack from one of the engineers, the party is recognized as friendly. Topside, the party wakes up Midal and negotiates passage to Glimspire for the Stone Potion.

Midal drops you off at the entrance to Glimspire with a nod and an understanding that he never wants to see the people who drugged him, nearly raped him, and essentially hijacked his ship.

Glimspire, the Great Dwarven City. Most are overcome by the immensity of open space. The Dwarves here are mostly friendly towards outsiders because of all the trade.

Obstant makes way to the AG and delivers the package he was carrying all this way. At the push of a button, the package unfolds itself like clockwork and forms an archway. A Golem walks through this archway, seemingly out of thin air. The Golem delivers a note to the AG rep, Larn Goldstrider, and begins tweaking the teleportation device. Obstant asks about Gram Delvefoot, for whom he is carrying a copy of the Book of Torag, but finds that Gram has gone on a mission and is missing.

Moira and Ricky make their way to Mrs. Gemsheen’s living quarters, which are located in the Darkdelve Clanholds. After a failed attempt to pocket some things laying around the room, Ricky is asked to leave while Moira tries to help Mrs. Gemsheen. The Gemsheen’s explain that after constant exposure to Drow Poisons, her body has developed a certain tolerance that keeps her in an agitated state. None of the conventional (or fake) methods Moira has seem to work, but they are told of a plant, Dragoneye, that may have the power to help. Moira doesn’t seem to care, and seeing that her methods are not working here, looks to find the first way out of town.

Ricky finds some of the Darkdelvers to play cards with. He gains a reputation for being an easy mark, and proceeds to lose some gold. After playing with them, Ricky heads to the lower living quarters to find a prostitute. Being completely unsatisfied with what is laid out before him, he starts asking around to see if there are any pearls to be found amongst the filth. Miraculously, Ricky runs in to one of the major players in shady dealings, Dokol, who had somehow heard of Ricky’s dealings back in Callavor. Dokol leads Ricky to some more promising prostitutes (of other races). The start of a very promising relationship.

…(still working)…

Trail of blood

Due to a terrible blizzard, guided passage through the mountains to Glimspire was halted. Six adventurers were in a rush to go to the Dwarven city, so they decided to brave the elements and proceed. All of them managed to procure warm clothing, though they did so in different ways. They were led through the path by the Dwarf Monk M. Russik.

As they went further into the mountains the temperature started to drop drastically, and the snow kept coming down harder. Visibility was almost non-existent. Eventually they came upon the traveling outpost manned by Kevin (or as his friends never refer to him: Kev). They discovered that someone had killed Kevin and his wife in their sleep, and apparently dragged something extremely heavy out the door with them. Discussing their next move, and driven by different motivations, the party set out, following a trail of blood.

The trail strayed off from the path to Glimspire. The way was laden with traps and natural obstacles, as well as extreme cold. A polar bear family was inadvertently killed, almost dragging the small Moira with them down the mountain. The frostbite seemed to affect everyone, but the sturdy dwarves were used to the cold. The temperature and weather didn’t phase Obstant at all, using his faith to keep himself warm.

Eventually they reached a cave entrance, and after some extremely successful trap finding and disarming, found the source of all the blood. A guide from the outpost told of five men who had captured him and forced him to show them the way here. They were stealing this chest, and needed to be here by a particular hour.

Rushing full speed ahead, M. Russik triggered a cave in directly in his face. Look before you leap? We shall see. More traps were triggered on their ascent up the spiral staircase. At the top, Radavan successfully detected a magic ward, which they avoided (though nearly resulting in the end of Moira, again just inches away from falling to her death).

They opened the door to the top of the mountain where the remains of an ancient monastery stood. They got the jump on another group of adventurers (who were surprised that anyone approached without them knowing about it first). This rag-tag group was put in their place rather quickly, and one of them was kept alive for questioning. But not before an enraged barbarian was intimidated and ran away in terrible fear, causing a large avalanche.

The chest contained some magical items as well as a large amount of gold. The prisoner revealed that they were ordered to wait here until they were picked up. The statues in the middle of the ruins were discovered to be the rumored Warforged monks. They seemed completely uninterested in the battle that took place, but were somewhat intrigued by the presence of another monk. Acting on orders from their master, the monks passed on what knowledge they had, and gave Russik glasses that allowed him to see a fraction of a second into the future.

After clearing out the area, a noise was heard in the sky. A large zeppelin begins it’s descent…

Before the storm

Bring your coat…


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