Sloat Gemstealer

Thuggish rogue saboteur, exiled from his homeland he seeks redemption and revenge...


Sloat Gemstealer was born and raised in the dwarven city Hammercrag and is a member of the Darkdelve clan. Sloat’s family are a prestigious class of mountaineers called Dark-delvers, these explorers journey into the uncharted areas of the mountains to prospect possible mining operations and claim new lands for their city. The future wealth and territories of Hammercrag depend on the success of these brave scouts. The Darkdelve clan also take-on a dual role, during wartime the explorers become brutal saboteurs, infiltrating enemy mining territories to set deadly traps and disable machinery, halting all production. Sloat learned this “shadow” role of his clan early on in his career as a dark-delver when Hammercrag was at war with the neighboring dwarven city Copperhead. Sloat found the clever setting of merciless traps much more pleasurable than the tedious charting and map-making that comes with far exploration. Sloat grew up using his favored stealth skills more and more and soon found himself involved in a treacherous dwarven blood-feud. Sloat was convinced by the Firstwall clan to penetrate a sealed crypt and remove an ancestral sword from a Spirebite tomb, the sword’s ownership had long been disputed between the two clans. When Sloat’s involvement in the feud was exposed he was ceremonially banished from his clan and exiled from Hammercrag. During his exile Sloat became a mercenary saboteur and enacted his revenge on the Firstwall clan. A small group of gnomes were being threatened by the advance of a large mining operation led by the Firstwall clan, Sloat singlehandedly brought the operation to a standstill, becoming a hero to the gnomes. Sloat has been a follower of Garl Glittergold ever since.

Sloat is 80 years old, he has brown eyes and black tangled hair and beard.
he uses a light crossbow and is a master trap builder.

Sloat Gemstealer

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