Deceased half-orc samurai, who bore the holy sword Hogosha


He was a half-orc sellsword as a youth, and was knocked unconscious and nearly killed during a battle. Abandoned by those who had hired him, he was nursed back to health by a nearby halfling village. They called him ‘Shachi’ due to not knowing his name. He took this as his name thereafter. When raiders from one side or the other came to the village looking to plunder, he decided to repay the halfling’s services by defending them.

After his assistance in driving the raiders off, the halflings gave him a magical sword, which they said contained the soul of a legendary defender of their people. When he was mortally wounded centuries ago, he asked for his soul to be placed within his katana, and for the sword to be given to a worthy warrior someday. Shachi was surprised when the sword introduced itself as Hogosha, and told him that now his training would begin.

Hogosha taught Shachi the ways of the samurai, having been a wandering ronin for many years of his life. After extensive training, Shachi also swore to the precepts of this particular ronin order: to be your own master, to protect the weak against the strong, and to seek out and destroy evil, wherever it may live. Although Shachi thought these principles sounded a little ridiculous, he had never known power and strength like this before, and so he agreed.

They have travelled together ever since, working as bodyguards and swords for hire. Sometimes Hogusha forces Shachi into precarious situations due to his ethics, and sometimes Shachi uses Hogusha in the pursuit of nothing more than money, depending on who is dominant on a given day.

Recently, they received an intriguing offer: an elf druid, leaving his swamp for the first time, needed a bodyguard. How could they refuse?

Shachi was killed, and Hogusha destroyed, fighting the evil ancient dragon Cromax, although they were able to prevent Cromax from using one of Neving’s spells to erase Cestis from existence. Cestis and Gregory Crisp were then able to deliver the killing blows to Cromax, although Crisp (and Grotto) were also killed in the process.

Shachi’s Journal:
Shachi’s Journal
Shachi’s Journal 2
Shachi’s Journal 3
Shachi’s Journal 4
Shachi’s Journal 5
Shachi’s Journal 6


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