Nomad Throrn

Nomadic Duergar Psion. Died in Abaddon.


Nomad is a greyskinned, black-eyed, greyblack-bearded duergar. He is well over 100 years old. He seeks to prevent That Which Sleeps Beneath from being awakened, dreading a repeat of the Night of the Open Eye. To this end he tracks down dangerous technologies, individuals, and organizations, attempting to change their course or destroy them as needed to prevent any danger. Having been cursed by the Sleeping God with visions and nightmares innumerable, he trained from a young age to master his mind and harness some of its power.

Nomad often diguises himself as a ‘regular’ dwarf while traveling, and operates primarily in the Crestheart Mountains. He recently joined forces with a group of adventureres based in Glimspire to attempt to gain more information about a growing mindflayer threat, which he believes is linked to a plot aimed at Thalbos.

After fighting the mindflayers and their minions at Thalbos, and surviving a terrifying encounter with TWSB, Nomad was killed by massive constitution loss while using the staff of the ancient mage Neving. He teleported the party to (relative) safety on the Plane of Abaddon, but the flesh was flayed from his hands and arms as he did so, and he succumbed to the shock. His soul was captured by a daemon there, and is now encase in a gem in the vault of the Soul Broker.

Nomad Throrn

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