Aasimar Cavalier. A griffon-mounted knight of the Jillihad.


Arevig is a 17 year-old Aasimar, who was raised in the human town of (Mark, I totally forgot the name of the town. Feel free to edit it in.), which is renown for its breeding and training of hippogriffs and griffons. The town is also home to a sacred order of knights known as The Jillihad, who are sworn to fly on their mighty steeds and aid heroes in their fight against evil. Arevig was sent to the Jillihad as a baby, most likely due to the halo-like aura that sometimes surrounds her head being interpreted as a great omen. She never knew her parents, the Jillihad is all she knows of life.

From a very early age, Arevig was determined to be chief among the Jillihad, and pursued the goals of strength and diplomacy. Young members of the order are sent on a quest to obtain a hippogriff egg from the aeries in the Dragonmouth. When Arevig’s time came, she was not content with such a goal, and traveled further to the roosts of the much more intelligent, and much more fearsome, griffons. Over the course of several days, she managed to convince the griffon matron to relinquish an egg to be raised to fight for the Jillihad, just as Arevig had been. Her natural diplomatic skills and tenacity proved out in the end, and she returned triumphantly to the Order. She personally raised the hatchling, who she named Ironbeak, and considers him to be her closest friend and confidante.

Arevig proved herself time and again in the defense of the town against raids from various beasts, and ultimately was granted a set of mithril armor and a flaming shield to inspire her allies. She was also given a mission of great importance: discover the source of the activity around Thalbos, and make sure that the evil does not escape.

She takes her responsibility to herself and her party very seriously, and honestly believes that the combined forces of diplomacy and, where necessary, righteous might will ultimately lead to triumph over darkness.

She is a touch naive, perhaps, and likely to get in over her head.

Arevig met her end in the plane of Abadon. Having been in close proximity to That Which Sleeps Beneath, and then being transported to the most inhospitable place in all the multiverse, Arevig lost faith in everything and wandered into the wasteland.


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