Gram Delvefoot

Dwarven missionary of the Darkdelve Clan


Gram is a dwarven missionary. He has recently gone missing during a quest for one of Moradin’s sacred relics, which was rumored to have appeared in an abandoned keep near to Glimspire. For various reasons, the party has set out in search of him. He is Sloat’s distant cousin.

He was found to have been enslaved by mindflayers, and was rescued due to Torag’s grace from a parasite they had placed in his skull. He told the party he suspected that Firstwall clan might have been behind the trap that he was sent in to…

Gram continues to help the party unravel the mysterious efforts of the Firstwall clan. He is trying to gather support in what could at any moment explode into a horrifying confrontation.

Gram Delvefoot

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