M. Russik

A dwarven monk fighting for the advancement of technology


M. Russik is an 88 year old dwarven monk, and a member of the Waykeeper Clan. He has spent considerable time traveling amongst remote mountain monasteries near his clan’s mountain stronghold, Glimspire. He is fascinated with the workings of modern technology, especially clockwork and steam-based devices. He has dedicated decades of his life to researching scientific efficiency in movement, and devising a fighting style based on compiling these studies with the techniques he learned in the various monasteries. He sees the advocating the advancement of technology as his calling in life, and himself as an enforcer in this cause. He worships at the altars of the god Urbanus, the patron of cities, development, and technology, and Torag, god of artifice, earth, law, and protection. He of course acknowledges the power of Moradin, the god and creator of Dwarvenkind, as well.

As a monk, he has overcome many of the traditional “shortcomings” (pun intended) of his race. He is able to outpace his human and elven companions, due to his incredible stamina. Having traveled and explored the mountainous regions in considerable depth, he is both skilled at climbing and jumping, another rare ability in dwarves. He also has managed to alienate himself from most of his peers due to his vocal advocacy for the clean lifestyle that he subscribes to: a vegetarian diet, and no alcohol or drugs, as well as plenty of exercise and fresh air. He sees these choices as assisting in building himself into the perfect dwarven machine. His main combat techniques revolve around outrunning, and then either disarming or crippling his foes with rapid strikes.

M. Russik’s fondest dream is to be a full-time member of the Artificer’s Guild, preferably as a courier or any other physical employment, due to his rather specific skillset. He is currently working as a go-between for his clan’s hold, Glimspire. He has recently heard rumors of an especially intriguing concept: the warforged! Perfectly crafted warriors, pure artifice. Could it be true? Rumors of an ancient monastery being rebuilt, at the Starmount site, with warforged as the tenants….this will bear further investigation.

Having found the warforged, and been gifted with a relic of an important monk from the monastery’s past, Russik feels well satisfied. For now. He has decided that his next lifegoal is to see a statue of Torag erected in his homekeep of Glimspire, to complement the new Artificer’s Guild office there, as well as the enormous temple of Moradin. He is also obssessed with working his way up the ranks of the fighter’s guild, which he recently joined.

His first mission: rescue Gram Delvefoot! In the course of so doing, he uncovered what he believes is a vile plot by the Firstwall clan to trap the missionary, possibly at the behest of mindflayers. He has relayed this information to the Deepwardens, whom he trusts completely, having grown up amidst their legends and monuments to their glory. He has agreed to relay further information discovered to Arabin, his new Deepwarden contact.

After helping to stage a heroic mountaintop rescue of a number of gnomes, and stopping a cataclysmic storm, Russik was thrilled to achieve his childhood dream, and be initiated into the Deepwardens. Having successfully completed the challenge assigned to him, he was awarded a sash to mark him as a member of that elite group of warriors. He plans to continue questing with his same party, but also feels he has to step it up in regards to his performance, as he is now a representative of one of the proudest cross-clan organizations in the Crestheart Mountains.

He was killed by a member of the Firstwall clan upon returning from Al’doras, after Russik launched a counterattack to what he assumed was an ambush. He was reanimated in Glimspire by the healing light of Torag, and is working with the Deepwardens and Gram Delvefoot against the Firstwall and their new security apparatus, the Deadstone.

M. Russik

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