Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal 5

The Library of Argoss and Anduin

Gregory and Tos decide to head in to the Library, signing their souls over to the library, upon their deaths, at the rate of 1 day of service for each minute spent inside. They also find out that we can’t take the books with us…. a slight problem.

Gregory undertakes the task of copying “Before the Ages of Man”, and owes about a year of service upon completion. The information inside reveals an old alliance of primordials called Rashidaran, which has apparently reformed. Tos manages to steal “A Whisper Unseen” for Dokol. Obstant teleported out from Glimspire to meet us, happily without incident, and Tos heads back with the mage who accompanied Obstant.

Tos arrives, but sustains some damages in the space between spaces. The mage vanishes. Disturbing. Tos hands the book over to Dokol, and returns to Library of Argoss. Grotto, Calypso, Obstant, and I head back via phantom steed, makng a brief detour to inspect the world tree root, while the rest teleport.

I return the original map to the library in Glimspire, to make a point, and we find out that golems have been revolting against their makers in the city of Anduin. We decide to head there and find out if this is related to missing Keeper of the Ways. Apparently the Artificer’s Guild has been powering their golems with entrapped elemental spirits, which seems dangerously foolish to me. Obstant, Gregory, and Calypso don’t see any problems with this, distressingly.

The elementals are often allied with the primordials, and we fear they may flock to the Titan’s cause. Although I differ heavily in my beliefs as to whether souls should be entrapped into service, regardless of their origin, I agree to assist the rest of the group in ending this golem threat, as it seems we may make common cause in our actions if not our ideals.

We teleport to Anduin, and find that a new ruler, Daecan, has recently taken power in a coup. The city seems quiet due to a draconian crackdown (ha), but there are rumors of frightening experiments and missing persons. However, this is not our immediate concern, so we head out to try to find the golem’s maker, McHenry. Calypso, scouting ahead, determines that he is trapped in his tower outside of town, being forced to manufacture more golems. We prepare to force the tower, and dig deeper into this mystery.


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