Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal 4


We spend the best part of a week in Glimspire, resupplying and seeking out further leads. Tos makes contact with a powerful denizen of the criminal underground, Dokol. I discover that an ancient tome, “Land Before Mortal Men”, is thought to contain information on the titans. However, the librarian at Glimspire tells me that his teacher, long deceased, told him that the book was housed in the legendary collection in the lost city of Library of Argoss. Argoss was lost around the same time as Thalbos, and is nearby to that ruined city.

However, the librarian also tells me that the maps of that area have mysteriously vanished, sometime in the last few moinths. One of his assistants gives me some rough idea of the location, but we will beed to track those maps down. Fortunately, Dokol turns out to be the thief, and hires us to retrieve another book (“A Whisper Unseen”) for him out of the collection in exchange for the maps. We agree, as it is a different book than the one we need. I copy the maps and give the copy to the library, to repair their collection, but they think me the thief and ask me to leave. Dwarves are not known for their tolerance of outsiders, especially orcs, but I have satisified myself and Hogosha that we are not taking advantage of them to the sole benefit of an unscrupulous thief.

Tos Maru has a concert scheduled, but just before he starts, all the doors in Glimspire fly open and a stange wave of unease passes over us. We head outside, and Grotto tells us that the season has shifted from fall to spring. Distressing. We manage to scry and message Nelly, our contact in Heaven, who is busy in meetings. Apparently the demi-goddess Alcetta has been defeated in a battle on the plane of Nirvana, and is missing. As she is the goddess of transitions, this explains the shift in seasons, the doors, and also, apparently, has made teleportation more dangerous. Calypso experiments with some of his summoned daemons, who verify this, through I don’t trust their unholy word.

Heaven tells us to stay put and await instruction. We do so, while Tos performs. It is a bust, apparently due to his reliance on Elvish melodies- one of the few races the dwarves like less than orcs, it seems. We are unable to reestablish contact with Heaven, so we head north to Argoss via Calypso’s phantom steeds. We leave a map with Obstant, who has been busy with Torag church activities, so he can join us if he is able. We arrive without event, and enter the ruined city. Lialda scouts ahead, and reports that spectral librarians await within. They have a proposition: if we sign our souls over to become custodians of this library after death, we will be allowed to enter. Gregory suggests he might be willing, as he plans to retire to a plane without time and never die. We shall see what the spirits have to say….


shohennessey Cyclopean

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