Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal 2

Styx, Nirvana, and Heaven

So we pay the ferryman (in platinum) and get on our way. Obstant pays for a destitute human to accompany us, an act of which Hogosha approves. The river Styx is a distressing place: foul and toxic in appearance, it is more a series of whirlpools than a river. I try to keep Grotto from falling in, and prevent Sloat from instigating anything with the ferryman. He’s evil, but he’s also our only way out of this hell.

We drop the human woman off in Axis, and she seems thrilled. A small good act to counterbalance the bargains we made, I suppose. We continue to Nirvana. Obstant is summoned by a mechanical messenger to meet with a follower of Torag in Heaven, and to represent the material plane in a meeting regarding recent events on Mir. Grotto meets with his frog friends, and delivers the ork’s soul. As I feared, the elf traded his own soul for his lover’s, an act both tragic and foolish, in my opinion. However, he gifts all of us travellers with useful items in exchange for our assistance, and I now can travel much more easily in water.

We go the meeting, and are disturbed to find representatives from a number of evil planes, as well as good and neutral ambassadors. Apparently the situation with That Which Sleeps Beneath back on Mir has been interfering with many of the pantheon’s different projects there, and they have decided to meet, morality aside, to discuss the issues. Obstant brings the meeting to an early close by displaying Neving’s arm staff, which is apparently an artefact of some great import. I vow to defend it from the evil beings, and they flee, as do most of the other beings.

We head to Heaven with a nervous archon, who seems suspiciously interested in the staff as well. We decide to hold onto it for the time being, as we don’t know who to trust, and Obstant swears he will only deliver it directly to Torag, which we are told is not possible. We meet with an old lady from our plane, Nelly, who tells us that TWSB is far from the only problem there. The Titans are also rousing themselves from their slumber, with the goal of wiping all mortal life from the plane. We sign up as warriors of heaven (except Sloat, who parts ways with us), and get out weapons enchanted with Holy power. Hogosha forces me to bow- I swear he gets more powerful with each enhancement. Hmm.

We are told to meet some other warriors who will accompany us, and head to a bard’s performance to link up. The bard, a summoner, and a gunmage agree to help us in our new quest. The bard has a backup band full of useful looking brigands, as well, so our numbers have significantly grown. The summoner tries to planeshift us back to the Crestheart Mountains as Obstant wants to check on his church there. However, we get shunted a bit off target and end up in the Salda desert. We head west, and decide to pay a visit to Garunda on the way to Glimspire.

There, we are to slay Gog, an ancient giant, and also the Titan that he protects. Hogosha is thirsty for evil blood, so I encourage haste. We make good time traveling, and reach the frost giant’s city in a few days. We discover a most foul sight on the way: they have slaughtered the gnome slaves that remained to them after Obstant freed many of their kin, some months ago. They have then entombed these gnomes in ice along the path to their gates, alongside the corpses of some dwarven emissaries fruitlessly sent to seek peace. I vow to slay every last giant: man, woman, or child. They will know no mercy except a quick death.

We begin the assault soon, after much plotting. I hope Garl Glittergold will see fit to guide my blade in avenging his followers.


shohennessey Cyclopean

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