Mir Pathfinder

Shachi's Journal

Contract #43: Mir and Abaddon

At Hogosha’s insistence, I have hired on as a bodyguard to a weedy looking elf druid. Seems like a fine enough fellow, and well intentioned, but doesn’t know much of the ways of the world. Says he never left the swamp before, and I believe it.

We set off from the wilds towards the coast, him wanting to see something unusual, and me figuring a city might seem strange enough to a natural type. Whilst walking, we were overcome by some energy, and sucked through space to the plane of Nirvana (as we later discovered).

Another frog shaman conversed at length with Grotto, and he gave me a summation as follows: the shaman wants us to go to the plane of Abaddon to retrieve a soul gem containing the soul of his recently (and suspiciously) deceased orc lover. I was of course interested: free a trapped soul, help a fellow orc, right up my alley. Plus, Hogosha seemed enthused, and it’s easier not to squabble. Sometimes.

So, we step through a tree (druids.. heh), and emerge into hell. Funny enough, there’s a self-hating half-orc paladin, a sneaky dwarf, and a human druid with one arm waiting for us. They turn out to be from Mir as well. Small multiplanar universe, I guess. Ha. We agree to join up and try to get back to Mir together, just as soon as Grotto meets this Soul Broker character. Hogosha takes a dim view of trading souls, but I suggest we wait and see what the lay of the land is before taking drastic action. I have a feeling the human and the paladin might back my play if we get into some shit, though. They seem like good, gods-fearing types.

We head for the river, dimly visible in the distance. Of course, everything is dim here, it being the plane of Abaddon. There’s a small village on the shores, which turns out to be a neutral zone, the peace enforced by daemons. That’s a new one to me. The Soul Broker seems to be the only game in town, so we pay a visit. Sloat gets some great hero from Arad Moor‘s soul gem by trading. Me and Grotto come away with the orc’s gem, in exchange for some scroll in a box that the shaman gave us. I don’t want to think about what he traded in for this favor…

We also get some small gems to pay our way back to Nirvana. We talk to the ferryman, and it turns out they’ll just take regular old platinum, too, with which our new friends seem well supplied. Me and Obstant, feeling a bit shameful about this whole business, decide to pay the way for the few decent folk in this hellhole, and try to free as any more souls as we can. Hogosha’s itching to fight our way to freeing all of them, but I don’t think we can take that many daemons, not by a long shot. Deep down, I think Hogosha knows it too. As if it isn’t enoug he already got himself killed once, he keeps trying to get me killed too. Damned if I’m going to end up sharing a sword with him, though. We’re close enough as is.


shohennessey Cyclopean

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