Mir Pathfinder

From All Sides...

The Crestheart mountains have been thrown into disarray. The Firstwall Clan, now seemingly under the direct control of the parasitic worm, have taken key members of the Dwarven Council, as well as the King himself. The heroes from afar, having learned of this plot through the capture of a Dead Stone, found the location of the King. With this, Nomad Throrn whisked himself through space and arrived in Copperhead, in a dark room full of earth and bones. Immediately under mental attack, Nomad grabbed the King and psychoported back to the “safety” of the Darkdelve Clanhold.

The illusion of safety was banished with the bellows of the Dead Stones at the entrance to the Clanhold. Everyone besides the heroes was evacuated through secret tunnels that the Darkdelve had made for just such an occasion. The first blatant act of internal Dwarven violence had begun.

The City Guard defending against an Elvish invasion. Key Dwarven figures being brought to Copperhead and being infected by an alien mind. Waykeeper leaders on a trip to the Frost Giants. And an ever growing band approaching Thalbos. These are dark times…


shohennessey shohennessey

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